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Our Cuba

VivaCamaguey is a new travel company, founded by Canadian Rick Armstrong. Fifteen years ago he discovered, what for him, is paradise and having traveled a great deal of the world he found himself returning three to five times a year to his second home.

He explored the city, the beach, the small towns and villages, met people, made friends and lovers, and in the process found a simpler way of life. VivaCamaguey is his way of sharing that piece of paradise with others.

We are a small company with only one focus, the city and province of Camaguey, central Cuba, it's culture, it's beauty, it's people and it's warmth. Escape your world of hustle and bustle and allow us to transport you back to a time most of us don't remember. Let Camaguey into your life, you will be glad you did.

VivaCamaguey has assembled a team of professional experts waiting to greet upon your arrival. From our drivers and Casa Particulare owners to the entertainment staff at Santa Lucia you will be amazed at how well you will be treated.

With Viva Camaguey Enjoy Both Worlds

We at VivaCamaguey believe that tourists owe it to themselves to experience as much of Cuba as they possibly can, and with us you will do just that. When you leave for home, having spent just a week with us, you will have discovered, and learned more than most about the country and the wonderful, warm hearted, kind people that make it their home. You will be in the "heart and soul" of Cuba having the time of your life.

We combine the best of both worlds, city and beach and encourage our visitors to make the most of their vacation time. One of our guarantees to our guests is that a one week vacation will feel a lot longer, and you will return for more.

The excursions we offer are also a little out of the normal. We think you will enjoy them. If you have special requests please let us know by e-mail and we will do our best to customize your vacation.