2 Week Package (Flight Excluded)

2 Week Package (Flight Excluded)

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One week is rarely enough time so Viva Camaguey would like to extend your vacation time. Stay on another week, you can make it 7 nights in Camaguey and 7 nights at the all inclusive Gran Club Santa Lucia for $1295.00cdn taxes included, flight excluded.

Introduction into YorubaYoruba involves something with Old gods hidden in catholique saints/Cuban version of Voodoo.The High PriestJulia 'La China' is the highest female priest in the Camagueyan Yuruba organization. She has been performing spiritual cermonies for over 40 years and is very, very well respected in the religious community. Her nickname is 'Doctor of Peace.' She is running the most recongnized initiation centre in the whole province and she is willing to receive you to be part of a real and raw Yoruba ceremony. We can not even begin to explain how extraordinary this invitation is!The CeremonyShe will perform a Tambour Yoruba for you. This Tambour is dedicated to Obatala, the spirit of intelligence, curiosity, peace and tranquillity. The drums will slowly crawl under your skin and the ceremony is not for the faint of heart.During the four hour ceremony you will be elevated to a new level of consciousness. You are not going to watch a show; you are going to participate in a real Yoruba ceremony that will touch you at a spiritual level! This is an unique experience and the first time I participated it left me wondering for weeks...This is not just another excursion. It is an honour to be ivited and if you do not show repect or consider it a joke we will kick you out right away.Cost 60 cuc per person, includes ceremony and transport by bicitaxi. A minimum of 5 people must attend.

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