Introduction into Yoruba

Yoruba involves something with Old gods hidden in catholique saints/Cuban version of Voodoo.

The High Priest

Julia 'La China' is the highest female priest in the Camagueyan Yoruba organization. She has been performing spiritual ceremonies for over 40 years and is very, very well respected in the religious community. Her nickname is 'Doctor of Peace.'

She is running the most recognized initiation centre in the whole province and she is willing to receive you to be part of a real and raw Yoruba ceremony. We can not even begin to explain how extraordinary this invitation is!

The Ceremony

She will perform a Tambour Yoruba for you. This Tambour is dedicated to Obatala, the spirit of intelligence, curiosity, peace and tranquillity. The drums will slowly crawl under your skin and the ceremony is not for the faint of heart.

During the four hour ceremony you will be elevated to a new level of consciousness. You are not going to watch a show; you are going to participate in a real Yoruba ceremony that will touch you at a spiritual level! This is an unique experience and the first time I participated it left me wondering for weeks... This is not just another excursion. It is an honour to be ivited and if you do not show repect or consider it a joke we will kick you out right away.

Cost 60 cuc per person, includes ceremony and transport by bicitaxi. A minimum of 5 people must attend.

Crocodiles, Caves, Horseback Riding and a River

The place is Los Cangilones, about an hour's drive from the city. You will be taken to a crocodile farm and if you feel the need to pet them do so at your own risk. Next we are off to Los Cangilones, where the star attraction is the Rio Maximo set in the naturally beautiful Sierra de Cubitas. Go for a swim in the river and then prepare to don your protective helmets, grab your flashlights and explore the caves.

Where do the horses come into it you may ask. Well you have to get to the caves somehow and you have to get to the 'churrasco' (barbecue) because trust me, after all this your are going to be hungry. Then it's back to city for a night on the town.

Cost 45cuc - a minium of 3 people must attend

A list of available excursions and the days they are available will be provided for you upon your arrival at your casa. Please look it over and inform your host of your choices, and above all else, enjoy.

Camp Los

Is set in the most naturally beautiful area of Camaguey Province, the Sierra de Cubitas. The star of the area is Rio Maximo. The river has cut through the limestone rock and created smooth rounded cavities and large natural pools perfect for swimming

This camp is for Cubans and has of yet never received international guests. VivaCamaguey will be among the first. Los Cangilones is not a 5 star resort. It is very comfortable by Cuban standards but is still 'rough.' You will vacation like Cubans vacation.

One night in your personal cabin (double occupancy may be necessary but we hope your cabin will be yours alone if you are single), 2 lunchs, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. Two local tours on (explore the caves, and the spillway of Maximo dam, arriving either on horseback or bus) and an English speaking guide for the duration of your stay.

The property consists of, 13 cabins, bar, restaurant, cafe/snack bar, games room, horseback riding, disco and a tv/bar room with international channels. It is bicycle friendly and ideal for river swimming, hiking, bird watching and photography, and a crocodile farm.

The Los Cangilones (the buckets) is 6km from a colony called Caidije. It was founded by Haitian fruit plantation workers. Here you can discover the customs, dances, rituals and religious expressions of voodoo, their cult, which has passed on from generation to generation.

VivaCamaguey offers a day trip excursion to the colony by either horseback or tractor (a Cuban hay ride) - cost 85cuc