Night Life

What makes Camaguey
special is it's people

Be forewarned, you will fall in love with Camaguey, we guarantee it. Winding, maze like, cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, soaring churches, cathedrals, squares and plazas, the Old World charm of the city speaks to people of a time gone by.

Legends abound in Camaguey and our favorite is the Legend of the Tinajon. The tinajon is the symbol of our city. It is a clay pot, some extremely large that were and are used to collect rain water. It is said that if a male traveler drinks the water from one of these and a woman has given it to him he will return to Camaguey to live and be hers forever.

There really is nothing more romantic than dining and dancing under the stars. More than a number of restaurants offer an "el fresco" dining experience.

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What really makes Camaguey special is it's people. You will not meet a warmer, kinder, friendlier peoples on this planet. Famous for their earthy, sensual sense of humor, Camagueyanos are renowned for their romantic nature. They love nothing more than to laugh, eat, drink and flirt. It is in their blood.

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The combination of the city and it's peoples truly makes Camaguey one of the most romantic, fun Cities in world.

Night Life
& Bars

The finest entertainment can be found on the streets, by just walking around and exploring. It would take going out every night for a month just to scratch the surface of want the City has to offer.

Then you would want another month so you could do it all over again. These are people who know how to have a good time. Flamenco, dancing, music, concerts, theater, movies, museums, history it all awaits.

El Caribe
Party the night away at Camaguey's premier night club. Included in your admission is a show, there is a dress code which means no shorts.

Copacabana Night Club
Yes there is a Copacabana in Camaguey. Dance the night away with locals – keep in mind there is a dress code, which means no shorts.
Carretera Central Este, e/ Padre Felipe y Maria del Rosario, Camaguey. Cuba
Phone: (5332) 25 3858

Meson de Principe – fine dining, great menu.
Cross the street on the corner and say hello to my good friend Alberto, Camaguey's finest English professor
Calle Astilleros #7 | Entre San Ramon y Lugareno, Camaguey, Cuba
Phone +53 5 2404598

Casa de la Trova
Incredible night out, cuban music that will knock your socks off. Drink and dance the night away.
Plaza de Agramonte

Teatro Principal
The Grandest Theater in Camaguey, home to the famed Ballet de Camaguey Company, the second most important ballet company in Cuba.
Address: Padre Valencia No 64, Camaguey 70100, Cuba
Phone: 7 293048

Calle Independencia No. 126 e/ Pobre y Cuerno. Camagüey
Phone: (+53) 3229 7618

Bar Yesterday
Beatles themed bar/night club in the heart of the City
222 Republica | between Ignacio Agramonte y Callejón Del Castellano, Camaguey, Cuba
Phone: 32244943

Bar El Cambio
The place to go for a drink. Intimate friendly and considered the most unique bar in Cuba. Sign your name on the walls.
Plaza de Agramonte Calle Martín 152 Camagüey
Phone: 32/28-6240

Cafe Ciudad
At Plaza de Agramonte, unique and the best cappuccino anywhere always served with a hunk of chocolate
Jose Marti y Cisneros, Camaguey, Cuba