Places To Go

Parc Ignacio Agramonte

All of Camaguey flows from the center of the City - Parc Ignacio Agramonte, the Hero of Camaguey. When the war of independence against the Spanish broke out in October 10, 1868, he played a pivotal role in the uprising of the province of Camagüey.

The park is the center of the city, a place to mingle, to meet people, to have a good time. Have one of the best cappuccinos you will ever taste in your life at Cafe Ciudad, or relax with a beer or rum at Cambio's Bar (one of the most famous in Cuba). Watch people walk by, say hello, get to know a few. Then reward yourself with a treat. Casa de Trova, world famous for it's Cuban music, dancing and great times. Have a Cuba Libre and be amazed as you watch Cubans do one of the things they do best, dance. Don't be shy, they'll be happy to show you the "moves," and if you are brave enough to join in I guarantee the time of your life.

All of this can be found in the square of Parc Ignacio Agramone, a must see in Camaguey.

Plaza del Carmen

Follow the narrow streets of the city center to Plaza del Carmen. If you get lost just ask for directions, people will be more than happy to point the way. The first thing you'll notice is the bright pastel colors of the houses of the square. At the foot stands Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen the only church in eastern Cuba pocessing two towers.

The square always houses the gallery of one of Cuba's most famous artists, Martha Jimenez. Her bronze statues of "Man reading the Paper," "The Gossips," among others can be found in the square.

It is also home to a very fine reasonably priced restaurant, El Paso.

Plaza San Juan de Dios ar essence

This elegant and serene square with it's cobblestones, colonial arches looks as though it belongs to a Hollywood movie set. You almost expect to find Zorro jumping across the red-tiled roofs of the houses, sword ablazing. The city hosts many art exhibits, concerts in the square. It is also home to another of Cuba's finest artists, Joel Jover and two of Camaguey finest restaurants, Restaurante 1800 and La Campana De Toledo.

Take an hour, have a beer in the square around mid day, strike up a conversation with a passerby, or better yet, join the kids playing baseball or soccer in the square.

El Gallo Square

At the crossroads of Calle Maceo (Camaguey's version of Rodeo Drive) and Calle Republica (Camaguey's main street) you will find El Gallo Square, also known as La Soledad Square because of the church, Iglesia de La Soledad. This is where the city meets up at night to plan their evening, from the Flamenco Dancers to the Music Concerts and magicians, it is the place to be for fabulous and free entertainment.

Moving up Republica or down Maceo you will discover many great restaurants and bars, most with live music to enhanced your dining experience. El Gallo and it's surroundings is a wonderful way to spend a fun filled evening.

Remember "manana es manana," and you will return.
Again and again. I did and do.