Being a new company, there are often questions that may arise. Here is some important information on what we provide you as a customer of Viva Camaguey.


They speak Spanish in Cuba, brush up, a few phrases will go a long way to making life long friends

Cash is King

There are many banks in Camaguey that will take your credit card but very few restaurants or stores are set up for cards. Remember their banking system is not nearly as advanced as ours. If you can avoid it do not cash money at the resort (they charge too much).

There are also two currencies in Cuba, the cuc which equals one american dollar, and the cuba peso, there are 25 pesos to one american dollar. When you change money you will be given cucs the tourist money.


'Where you from,' that's always the opening line from a 'jinetera or jintero.' Usually it's just someone who wants to hustle you for a beer, or something else that is insignificant. Sometimes it's an offer of sex. Either way if they start to annoy you simply smile and say 'no mas amigo or amiga,' which means no more. Very few people in Camaguey will ask you for money, it simply is not their style.


Never forget Cuba is a communist country and their laws are not as lenient as ours, so if you do break the law you will regret it. Having said that tourists are treated better in Cuba then any other place we have been to


Just say no and I am not kidding, the penalties are severe if caught. Besides the pot in Cuba wouldn't get a mouse stoned so just say no.

Bug Spray

Bring bug spray for the beach. Mosquitos come out at night. You won't need it in the city.


Cuba is a poor country, a doctor makes around $25 american dollars a month, but they dress well, their houses are spotless, they are proud of their children and themselves. Life in Cuba is based on respect for each other so please show some. You will be glad you did.

If you have the time this is the best book you will find describing the real Cuba: