Why Us?

Come dance and
drink the night away

We believe that the bonds of friendship that are forged in a very short time, are the memories that stay with a traveler for a lifetime. They lure a person to return time and time again to renew and expand those experiences..

We at VivaCamaguey are experts on the city and province of Camaguey. We have a team of locals in place to ensure you make the most of what this magnificent city and province has to offer. We assist and encourage you to make the most of your time with us, to get out and about, to explore, to meet people and to simply have the time of your life.

Come dance and drink the night away with the locals at El Caribe, Copacabana or Casa de la Trova. Join us on a farm in the countryside under the stars for a pig roast party. Share the best cappuccino in all of Cuba with a new friend at Cafe Ciudad. Get hopelessly lost walking the maze like streets, marveling at the old world, colonial architecture of our city.

Just when your feet are ready to give in grab a bici-taxi and say "Cambio Bar, Parc Agramonte por favor," and enjoy a well earned beer or a Cuba Libre in one of Cuba's oldest and most unique bars (sign your name on the walls and become part of history). Share a laugh with and be amazed at the warmth, friendliness and humor of the people of Camaguey.

Some of Cuba's most renowned artists, Martha Jimenez, Joel Jover and his wife Ileana Sanchez make this city their home. It is an art and music lovers paradise.

Our city is located in the center of Cuba and is the country's cultural and artistic soul. From Cathedrals and Churches, theater, film and the world famous Camaguey Ballet Company, the city has it all.

Diners are also in for a treat. You have probably heard that the food in Cuba "sucks." Well that's not exactly true. It is true that Cubans are not fond of extremely spicy food but they are superb chefs. A number of Camaguey's restaurants, such as Restauarnte 1800, Casa Italia, Casa Alto, Carmen's offer meals worthy of any restaurant anywhere. But our suggestion, especially for lunch, is to find a small family run paladar.

When our beautiful city has finally exhausted you we will whisk you to the resorts and beaches of Santa Lucia. Located on the second largest reef in the world you will be staying for three nights in one of the beaches beautiful all inclusive resorts. Swim, eat and drink to your hearts content and in the evening enjoy the nightly shows. If after the show you still have energy left, take a short walk to Rumbas and Mar Verde nightclubs to dance with the locals, show off the moves you learned in Camaguey. If you have the time, do try to go to La Boca, a small sleepy fishing village. It is a ten minute scooter ride from the resort and home to one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Cuba, Coco Beach.

At the end of it all you will be driven back to Camaguey and the airport for your return home, your mind bursting with the memories that you have made. Remember "manana es manana," and you will return. Again and again. I did and do.